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So what is Hana Lima Surfboards All About?

Hana Lima in Hawaiian means "Made by Hand." I shape, do the artwork and fiberglass all of my own surfboards. Short, long, SUP and foil boards. All shapes tested by me. I have been shaping since 1990 but surfing since 1973. Surfing and competing in shortboard, longboard and SUP races, got me so consumed, that I wanted to make boards my way. Through research and development, not following trends, I've created some of the sickist boards that rip. I'm not afraid to take a saw and reshape a board that I don't like. My saying is " Don't try to master a board that doesn't do what you wanted it to do." To raise your level of surfing, you have to evolve and that includes trying new boards and shapes to challenge yourself.  The boards I'm selling are my own personal boards that are tried and true. You get to reap the rewards by getting them at a great price. Give me a call and let me know what you are looking for. I might have one of my magic boards waiting for you. Check out some of my past shapes by clicking the drop down on the top left corner of this page.



What I ride works.

Testing testing and testing. Always trying new ideas. 

All about smiles

Nothing is better than having a board under your feet that works and is fun to ride. It makes your escape to mother ocean a happy place to be!


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